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<strong>Writing A+ Online Discussion Board Examples</strong>

If you are just getting with online classes, you need to know that Discussion Boards are 9on of the things you’ll have to be excellent at. In nearly all classes, stud4ents are required to create original posts about a given topic and respond to other classmates. In the current learning era, where online classes are nearly the norm of any higher learning, discussions serve as an interaction tool, just like face-to-face discussions in the traditional classroom setting. However, if you just got to college or signed up for online classes such as summer classes, how do you ace your discussion board assignments in an online class? In order to acquire a top grade, some students may opt to hire a professional writer from essay writing companies. Since online discussion boards help students engage with each other, it is always a plus if a student knows how to write a good discussion board.

How to Start a Discussion Post

The best way to start and do well in any discussion board is to read the teacher’s instructions and grading rubric, no matter the course or topic. In most online courses, the teachers will share a course syllabus in which the discussion board grading criteria will be outlined. Our discussion board writing guide can also help you ace your discussion boards. This guide provides any college student with information on how to make initial discussion posts and reply to other classmates. Besides, the guide sheds light on what to expect regarding the online discussion board, the etiquette to follow, and how instructors grade the discussion boards.

Discussion Board Examples

Example of a Good Discussion Post

There are several types of resume styles. Discuss at least three classes and determine which you would find most beneficial in a job search.

A resume is an essential document or writing that a job seeker must compose and present to an employer searching for a work opportunity. Various types of resumes exist and may offer advantages in different situations. These include:

Functional Resumes

    Functional resumes include information on an individual’s skills and talents relative to the preferred job at hand. It mainly highlights the skills an individual posse but may offer little to no information on an individual’s employment history (Doyle, 2022). Thus, most individuals using functional resumes exploit them when switching between jobs or as formalities when accepting appointments.

Combination Resumes

    A combination resume includes the features of a functional resume and lists them according to chronological order. The resume provides a chronological depiction of the skills and talents that make the applicant suitable for a particular position and lists the order of attainment (Doyle, 2022). The resume is suitable for providing information on skills and talents but does not account for employment gaps, making it less common or encouraged for job applications.

Reverse Chronological Resumes

    The reverse chronological resume is one of the most familiar types of resumes that list the applicant’s qualifications starting with the most recent ones. It is a good and most recommended approach for submitting a resume because it lists the skill or talent and the period of acquisition (Doyle, 2022). It is the preferable format for resume writing by employees as they can easily identify the skills and employment history of the applicant.


Doyle, A. (2022). Different Types of Resumes. Retrieved from The Balance:

Example of a good response to a classmate

Hi classmate,

You have made an insightful discussion on the different types of resumes and their effectiveness across different contexts of job applications. I like your assessment of the role of the functional resume in highlighting skills and underplaying employment gaps during applications. You succinctly explore the nature of chronological resumes, especially in handling the need for an applicant to showcase their employment history and skills. I concur with your take on the effectiveness of a chronological resume in addressing an applicant’s qualifications to resonate with the hiring team. The approach allows the applicant to gesture confidence and authenticity in showcasing their suitability for a particular job. I would also recommend it or its alternative forms of reverse-chronological resume in job applications.

Example of a Bad Discussion Post

There are several types of resume styles. Discuss at least three types and determine which you would find most beneficial to you in a job search.

There are different types of resumes, such as functional resumes and combination resumes. I think the most beneficial resume style is the Reverse Chronological resume.

Example of a bad response to a classmate

Hello Classmate,

You have made a great post about resume types. However, I didn’t like how you said the Reverse Chronological resume is one of the outdated resume types, and obviously, that’s wrong. Anyway, you made a good post.

Questions about Discussion Boards

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How can I pay for discussion board posts?

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How can I pay for discussion board posts?

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How do you make a discussion board?

It is easy to make a discussion board if you just signed up for an online course. All you need to do is carefully read the provided guidelines and discussion topic. Once you understand the topic, you should craft an initial discussion post and make sure that the post is in line with the course material. After crafting the initial post, go ahead and check for grammar mistakes and if everything looks great, click on the Create New Thread Button on Canvas to post your discussion board for access by other classmates.

How long should a discussion board post be?

A discussion board should be 150 words to 250 words. However, the actual length is determined by the instructor and their expectations. Some professor wants the initial post to be at least 200 words, while the classmate’s response should be no less than 100 words.

How do I create an online discussion board?

It is easy to create a discussion board if you just signed up for an online course. All you need to do is carefully read the provided guidelines and discussion topic. Once you understand the topic, you should craft an initial discussion post and make sure that the post is in line with the course material. After crafting the initial post, go ahead and check for grammar mistakes and if everything looks great, click on the Create New Thread Button on Canvas to post your discussion board for access by other classmates.

Who uses our discussion board writing services?

Students from all over the globe use our discussion board writing services.  is an online essay writing platform that helps students who need help with their discussion boards. Just contact us with requests like “who can make a response to my discussion board post for me, please?” place an order at our website and hire an expert to have your discussion post done.

How do I work on a discussion board assignment?

To work on your discussion board, you need to make an initial post and respond to your peers later. A good discussion board assignment must have an initial discussion post and classmates’ responses.

What does a good discussion post look like?

A good discussion post must meet the grading criteria of your instructor. The post should:

  1. Be free from grammar mistakes
  2. Be directly responding to the questions
  3. Be timely
  4. Include a classmate’s response

What is the difference between writing a paper and writing a discussion post?

The main difference between writing a paper and writing a discussion post is the complexity and length. In most cases, unlike writing an essay, writing a discussion requires you to craft a short response, around 150 words, that address the given questions.

How do professors ask students to write a discussion board post?

Professors come up with discussion topics that are related to the course reading material. These topics are used to craft discussion questions to enhance the student’s capacity to grasp course material.

How do you introduce yourself on a discussion board?

The best way to introduce yourself on a discussion board is by sharing your background information, such as your name, course of study, and some of your hobbies. In most courses, the first discussion board is meant for students to introduce themselves.

How can I make my discussion board more interesting?

Creating an exciting discussion board requires you to use strong points. For example, the discussion post should give other classmates a reason to respond to your post and feel a spark of discovery and creativity rather than summarizing a standard text.

What makes a substantial initial discussion board post?

A substantial initial discussion board post explains your belief regarding a specific topic in an online class. Your opinions and responses to the given questions should be solid, and you need to write critically and persuasively. When responding to a peer, a good reply goes beyond the  “good job,” “I concur,” and “I agree” posts and requires one to dig into the material.

What is the purpose of a discussion board in an online class?

The purpose of the discussion board is to create an environment where students can see and interact with each other in terms of the course they are working on. The discussion threads allow students to view their peer posts and respond to them. The students further their thinking, learning, problem-solving, understanding, and literary appreciation.

How do you post a discussion on canvas?

  1. To create a new discussion topic, click the +Discussion button. If you don’t see this button, your instructor has disabled this function for the class.
  2. Enter a title for the discussion, and then type your starting post in the text field.
  3. Click the “allow threaded replies” checkbox to allow replies within replies; leave this box blank if you want a focused discussion where replies can only be posted to the original entry.
  4. If you want to limit the availability of the discussion, set the date available options.
  5. Click the “Save” button to start the discussion.

How do you write a discussion board response?

For you to write a great discussion board response, you need to greet the classmate you are responding to and then comment on the quality of their post. If you need to disagree with them, you need to do that in a responsible manner.

 Is there any discussion board homework help?

Yes, there are many discussion board homework help websites today. If you are overwhelmed by writing academic projects, consider hiring a professional writer from these websites for fast homework help.

The Discussion Board’s Role in the Online Classroom

Now that you have known what discussion boards are and evaluated the examples of good and bad discussion posts and responses, you may still need to know the role of discussion boards. Sometimes, students may feel that discussion boards are not really worth it, but here are some of the functions of discussion boards in a college student’s learning process.

What are discussion boards for online courses?

Unlike the traditional learning systems where people discuss face to face, the current learning setting is mainly online, and discussion boards allow students to talk about different course topics not only with each other but also with the instructor.   

Are online discussion boards only for online students?

Yes, online discussion boards are for online classes. However, in some rare cases, an instructor may need you to do online discussion to increase student engagement even though you are in a traditional or hybrid classroom.

Who participates in online discussion boards?

There are two main categories of people who participate in online discussion boards: instructors and students. The instructors mainly respond to posts, but students have to create an initial post and respond to their peers and instructors.

Should discussion forum posts be formal?

No, discussion forum posts do not always have to be formal like other assignments such as essays and term papers. However, students should not be too casual because4 they have to adhere to evaluation criteria such as sentence structure, spelling, grammar, and punctuation to attain high grades.

Why is it important for students to participate in online discussion boards?

Participating in online discussion boards has immense benefits for any college student. Today, the traditional classroom setting is being scraped off, and many people are studying online. When students participate in online discussion boards, they can absorb course material. Besides, students learn communication skills and how to connect with peers and bring forward their arguments in an etiquette manner.

Do posts on online discussion boards have to be long?

No, unlike other types of assignments, discussion boards do not have to be long. However, the professor will outline the desired word limit for both the initial post and response to peers in most cases.

Discussion Board Etiquette & Tips for Success

Etiquette is key not only in online class discussion boards but also in any discussion. When upheld, etiquettes create a good environment where students can learn from each other with respect.

Below is a guide on how to succeed in discussion during its two main activities: posting and responding to a peer.

When Posting

Posting on an online discussion board involves creating a thread or simply submitting your ideas that answer the instructor’s questions. Here are some of the tips for posting a discussion board for success:

  1. Get to know each other

There is an introduction discussion board in most classes, where students talk more about their names, what they love, and their area of study. When the background information is provided, it is easier to interact with classmates appropriately.

  • Post with clarity

Students should strive to use correct grammar and appropriate language when making an initial post in response to the given discussion board questions.

  • Avoid Jokes

Students should offer profound insights into their postings when creating an initial post. Thus, the post content should be free from jokes and sarcasm. Besides, it should not be too long to allow other students to respond quickly.

  • Use Simple formatting

Students should use the best format and make an easy-to-read post. For example, they may use a font such as Arial, Times New Roman, or the Post Outlined by the professors.

When Responding to a Peer

After making an initial post, a student is required to make a response to their peers. The number of people to respond to varies based on the instructor’s desires. Some instructors man need you to respond to at least two classmates. The response length also varies, but it is usually not less than three sentences. Here are some times to post an excellent discussion response:

  1. Respond to prompts first

Even though the responses to peers are mainly personal opinions, some professors may require you to answer other questions related to the other classmates’ discussions. Students should strive to answer those prompts first.

  • Be polite

Just because you communicate with peers on an online platform doesn’t mean that a student should not speak politely. Please make sure your peer response is polite and thank your peers for their posts. In doing so, a strong community is established.

  • Disagree respectively

Sometimes, a student may need to disagree with their peer’s opinions. In such a scenario, they should always differ respectively. Words such as “I respect your opinion, but I believe…” are great for cultivating a great post.

  • Be substantive and provide proof

A good response should be substantive and backed with proof of evidence such as statistics and quotes. In writing, including citations is one of the ways that evidence or evidence is provided.

Common Online Discussion Board Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

Some of the most common mistakes that students commit when handling discussion boards are:

  1. Making posts too long – a too-long post may discourage peers from reading and responding.
  2. Getting too personal – some posts may require a student to offer their own opinion or personal experiences. However, students must not get too emotional when contributing to online discussion boards.
  3. Making too short posts – students should know that it does not contain all the necessary information whenever a post is too short.

Role of Teachers Using Discussion Boards

         In addition to grading the discussion boards, instructors also directly participate in the discussion board by responding to initial posts from each student. How does the professor grade the discussion board?

How are Online Discussion Posts Graded?

A professor uses four main criteria to grade a student’s discussion board. These criteria are:

  1. The initial main response to Discussion Prompt – the professor checks whether a student’s post directly responds to all the questions/points in the Discussion Prompt
  2. Grammar/spelling – the professor, check whether there are more than one (1) or two (2) errors in any discussion post
  3. Timeliness- the professor checks whether a student timely posted the initial main response AND timely replied to at least two (2) classmates.
  4. Peer replies to further the conversation- the professor checks whether the student replied to at least two (2) classmates’ posts and in at least three (3) to four (4) sentences, the student-related the classmate’s post

What do professors expect from students on class discussion boards?

         Professors expect that students meet the word count, support posts with evidence, clearly communicate their arguments with no grammar errors and interact positively to reflect their understanding.

What causes students to get points for their discussion board posts?

         Students get points for their discussion board posts if they meet the given grading rubric, but some other professors may base the grade on the number of posts a student made.

What causes students to lose points for their discussion board posts?

         Some of the things that cause students to lose points for their discussion board posts are not meeting the desired length, lack of timeliness, and repeating issues.

How can students increase their chances of getting high marks on their discussion board posts?

         Some ways that students can increase their chances of scoring well on discussion boards are getting started early and making initial posts on time. Besides, the initial post should reflect what they learned.


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