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I have assignments basically i just have to respond to my classmates

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I have assignments basically i just have to respond to my classmates
First assignment

Please read chapters 1 and 3 along with the articles located in the reading material section and then address the discussion board questions for the week. (Remember – it is important to post your initial response(s) by Tuesday of each week. This leaves the rest of the week to respond to each others posts and to ask questions as well.)


You are Chris North, VP of Human Resources for Sunshine State Hospital in Orlando Florida and have been asked by the President of the Hospital to consider mandatory flu shots for all employees of the Hospital. What would you do?

How would you advise the President on how to move forward? Is it a good idea or not?

Things to consider: Should it be for all employees? Should it be for health care workers only? 

Would you terminate the employment of those who do not comply?

Sunshine State Hospital is unionized, and represented by Local 2001 – Nurse Professional Association.

How, if at all, does this change your response to question 1.

What are your personal thoughts in response to the article?

Do you agree with the hospital’s stance?

Student answer

If I were Chris North, VP of HR for Sunshine State Hospital in Orlando Florida and was asked by the President of the Hospital to consider mandating flu shots for all employees of the hospital; I’d definitely have a dilemma on my hands.  First off, I would make sure that it is legal to mandate all employees in the state of Florida . I would consider all factors especially since this is a health care facility.

 The EEOC urges employers not forces them  to encourage their employees to receive the flu vaccine. To make things fair, I’d make flu vaccines mandatory to all staff members ,regardless of title. Employees who refuse the flu vaccine or fail to show proof  of the vaccine; shall be terminated unless they’re considered exempt from the ADA. If an employee requests an exemption from the flu shot, due to a medical condition or religious belief, etc. This calls for an accommodation from the ADA and Title VII of The Civil Rights Act of 1964. 

If I were Chris North, I’d advise the president to come up with an inspiring mission statement. Perhaps about,  how Sunshine State Hospital is a Healthcare facility which is designed to protects its staff and patients. I would offer suggestions such as, taking staff’s temperatures an inquiring about flu like symptoms; as long as all information remains confidential. Since the President is considering mandating vaccines, make sure the Hospital has a plan that follows state guidelines. Make sure to offer surgical masks to employees, must offer vaccination sites and require that employees show valid proof of vaccine. It is my belief that this can be a good idea if handled properly. 

In response to the hospital being unionized, this would make me reconsider my response as this could cause some serious concerns.  I agree with the hospital’s stance. My personal thoughts are the safety of the majority versus the individual.  

Example of someone reply

Hi Amy,

I like how you mentioned legality in the state of Florida as circumstances are somewhat different in New York. I forgot to put that into perspective. I just recently moved back to New York after living in Florida for a few years and things are very different down there. The Governor is very against vaccine mandates for the state and for places of employment. The federal law can require that employees get vaccinated as long as they carve out certain exceptions. But the Governor is threatening to fine places of employment $5,000 for every single “violation”. Whats your take on this from an HRM standpoint? Would you still require a shot if you knew you could be fined? 

Professor question I have to respond to

Class, think outside the obvious, what data can you bring into this situation in an effort to support the message?


2. As VP, usage of a Strategy map is beneficial. Which is a tool that shows the “big picture” of how each department’s performance contributes to achieving the company’s overall strategic goal. If the company you’re working for has an ultimate goal, you have to play your part. You’re the face of your company and it’s apart of your job to keep the company flourishing through contributions. Getting the flu shot for the safety of not only you or your peers but the patients as well, is playing your part. 

When speaking to the director, once  it’s time to approach the employees it is a conversation that needs to be tackled right away. However it needs to be presented in an proper way. It can be a good idea if approached the right way. By way of good communication skills, presenting it as a choice and not so “bullied” or “peer pressured. Many workers have been with their companies for decades, down the line eventually considering them family. Imagine how a person in that sense will feel being given an ultimatum, aggressively at that. ” There’s been a mandate, you have to take the flu shot or we’re going to fire you.” What is someone to do with that type of pressure. Doesn’t sound like any room for a plan b. When trying to make them feel comfortable, communicate that they are appreciated, the mandate is out the company’s control, and even trying to persuade them to take the shot. Don’t forget to remind them of their contributions to the team. 

Whoever is working in the hospital should consider getting the shot. Not only health care workers, but the custodians, and dietary clerks as well. In situations like that which are much similar to what’s going on in the world right now, there should just be voluntary resignation. You explain that there is a mandate, the amount of time before it’s officially in effect, and that there wouldn’t be anything that you can do further. Deliverance is key. It’s up to the workers to decide on what they want to do and prioritize. As mentioned, I wouldn’t straight out fire them for not wanting to “comply” but the decision will be left in their hands. Some could be trying to protect themselves in ways outside of it just being a “flu shot” or them prioritizing their job, maybe they’ll be fine finding another. It’ll be up to them, up until everything goes into effect. 

My answer remains the same. If you are unionized, again that’s up to the worker if they want to prioritize their job. I know people personally who I’ve worked with in the past who was enrolled in the union and still left their place of work due to adverse conditions. In regards to the article, if you refuse a vaccine by way of religion and you have the legal right to refuse it there has to be something else that can be done. As mentioned briefly if flu season is only for a “season” then that employee should have this season off and return to work when it’s done with no problem. Not an effortless denial or termination as if their beliefs doesn’t mean anything. As far as the hospital’s stance, you do what you have to do for your business or what you think would be best for others looking in. 


Example of someone reply

i Kieanna, 

I high enjoyed you response to the hospital being unionized, I feel like you have a much better understanding of what unionized is than I do. I honestly, really struggled with the last set of questions pertaining to the Sunshine State Hospital Nurses. We had a similar response to mandating the flu shot for all employees not just healthcare workers, I believe this would benefit all associates and patients sine they’re all going to be in the same space.  Deliverance is key, you tell no lies!


Professor Question

Expanding on Kieanna’s comment, “…if you refuse a vaccine by way of religion and you have the legal right to refuse it there has to be something else that can be done,” what aspect of the law (which law?) could an employer claim that would mitigate “something else that can be done?”


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