The Week 2 Paper Assignment focuses on Tort law and the law of negligence

December 14, 2020

Candie Cardigan has been asked to model CARDWARE’s newest sweater line, called “Naturally There,” made of thin and yet warm material which can withstand temperatures of 30 below 0. Because this will provide CARDWARE with good publicity of its newest clothing line, Candie agrees to walk the runway in Fashion City. The modeling event is being held at the Easton Hotel. Celebrities and those involved in the fashion industry will be in attendance. Several models precede Candie and her debut of Naturally There.
Clad in a tasteful skirt, 4-inch high heels and a green Naturally There sweater, Candie proceeds to the end of the runway. A small wrinkle in the carpet causes Candie’s left shoe to get caught and she falls over the end of the runway onto the row of judges. Unfortunately, Myra, a judge and world renowned model, suffers a broken nose and cut to her face from one of Candie’s shoes.
Myra wants to bring a lawsuit based on negligence against CARDWARE and Candie.