Technology Innovation Project with an Audio presentation

December 18, 2020

3. Steps to Completion



1) Perform Environmental Scanning

Environmental scanning involves identifying external opportunities and threats for an organization.

(a) Based on the information about Largo Corporation in the Introduction, research and project future potential threats to the organization. You may want to focus on 2-3 subsidiaries of Largo Corporation.

(b) Also identify potential disruptive technologies that Largo may leverage in order for Largo to succeed in the future to counter future threats. You may focus on the same subsidiaries noted in the step (a). As a start, here are several sources you might want to check (in addition to your textbook):

GoogleX Labs: HYPERLINK “”

Ted Talks videos on technology: HYPERLINK “”

MIT Technology Review: HYPERLINK “”

Be sure to connect the technology with the operations of the corporation. Be sure to assess the impact on the organization.

Deliverable: Provide an interim Environmental Scanning report which summarizes of your findings re: addressing the opportunities and threats to the company, identifying disruptive technologies and assessing their impacts to the corporation. (An interim report will be consolidated to a final deliverable in a later step.) Minimum length = 400 words.



2) Research Innovation and Innovation Cycles

In this step, you are to gain an understanding of concept of innovation, technological innovation and the generic innovation cycle.

This source provides one perspective of innovation and technological innovation: HYPERLINK “” \l “v=onepage&q=innovation%20definition&f=false”

Research the different innovation cycles that are out there. One can be found at:


One that uses a turbine metaphor (Pg. 15 and 19) can be found at: HYPERLINK “”

Deliverable: Provide a report that compares and contrast the different generic innovation cycles. Include a table that summarizes the attributes of these innovation cycles. Minimum length = 400 words.



3) Operationalize the Innovation Cycle

Based on one or more of the innovation cycles identified in the previous step, create a detailed process for innovation that is customized for Largo Corporation. Discuss how it will change the culture of the organization to be more oriented to innovation and creativity.

You might want to review this reference on the role of organizational climate on innovation implementation (Pg. 68): HYPERLINK “”

Deliverable: Prepare an interim “Innovation Corporate Action Plan” that addresses the findings from this step. Minimum 400 words. Include at least 3 references.



4) Develop a Migration Strategy

Research way on how to implement this new innovation process in Largo. Discuss any change management issues.

Here is an article on how to move innovation forward: HYPERLINK “”

Deliverable: Migration plan. Minimum: 400 words. Include at least 3 references.



5) Prepare an Executive Presentation

Compile all of the key findings of previous steps and prepare a narrated PowerPoint presentation. It must be relevant to Largo Corporation. It should address as a minimum:

Future opportunities and threats

Relevant disruptive technologies

Proposed innovation cycle (high-level)

Proposed innovation process

Migration strategy


The presentation should consist of 10-15 slides. It should include audio narration (directions are found at: HYPERLINK “” The narration should also be captured in the slide notes.

As an alternate method of delivery, you can create a video using YouTube Capture ( HYPERLINK “” or a similar tool.



4. Deliverables

Environmental scanning report

Innovation Cycle matrix or research document

Innovation corporate action plan

Migration plan

Final presentation

Create a folder to hold all of your deliverables.

Title your files using this protocol: Lastname_FirstInitial_I-3_AssignmentName_Date.

Please zip (compress) the folder containing all of your files and submit the zipped file in the Assignments area.

In lieu of submitting the presentation, you may provide a link to your presentation file.5.    Rubrics