Sustainable Solutions Paper Continued

December 14, 2020

Organization of choice:     Home Depot

Complete the following analyses:

Boids Analysis on Home Depot

Complete an Industry Evolution Model based on Ray’s computer simulation and Allen’s fishing industry simulation

A brief description of each analysis follows:

Boids Analysis

Identify the fundamental rules that govern the industry of the organization you chose, explain your rationale for identifying those rules, and explain how they differ from “simple rules” in other industries.


Industry Evolution Model based on Ray’s computer simulation and Allen’s fishing simulation

Explain the implications of Ray’s computer simulation and Allen’s fishing simulation described in the Strategic Management and Organisational Dynamics: The Challenge of Complexity course text for organizational strategy. Then based on those implications, develop an Industry Evolution Model by identifying the patterns of competition and cooperation in the organization’s industry and explain implications of current industry behaviors for the organization’s strategy (Simulations attached)

Life-Cycle Analysis

Select one or two products or services from your chosen organization’s industry, and analyze their life cycle. Identify which of the following life cycles apply: Growth Through Creativity; Growth Through Direction; Growth Through Delegation; Growth Through Co-ordination; or Growth Through Collaboration. Explain the rationale for your choice. Then, identify the larger strategic questions that arise from an analysis of these life cycles. Explain how these questions relate to previous analyses in your Sustainable Solutions Paper.

Sustainable Value Framework Analysis


Develop a strategy that might assist your organization in improving sustainability. Describe changes the organization could make in its internal operations, relationships with stakeholders, and use of technology to become more sustainable.