Stress in womb can alter life/psychology/counseling/ Due today 06/13/2016

December 16, 2020

Due today 06/13/2016 Monday by 21:30 (9:30 PM). No excuses or exceptions please







This week you will be submitting your 1st quarter paper.  Using the website link below and other additional resources (Cite all resources)***


Respond to the following situation:


You are working with a young woman in an effort to help her to be a good parent.  She lacks resources and has very little support.  For example, she lives alone in a studio apartment and does not work.  She did not graduate from high school and she has difficulty reading and doing simple tasks like navigating the public transit system.  She tends to stay inside most days, watching TV or updating facebook.  When you visit, there is usually empty fast food wrappers and pizza boxes in the kitchen.  She has not received prenatal care and she has not told her parents that she is pregnant.  She is the primary caregiver and she is totally responsible for the child’s wellbeing.  What information would you attempt to impart to assist her in giving birth to a physically, emotionally and intellectually healthy baby?  Paper should be 3-4 pages in length.  APA Format