PHI 445 (Personal & Organizational Ethics) Week 1 Complete

December 14, 2020

PHI 445 (Personal and Organizational Ethics)





Week 1



PHI 445 Week 1 DQ 1



“Psychological egoism maintains that all of our actions, without exception, are motivated by some selfish drive. Even when I am doing something, like donating to charity, that appears to be purely for the benefit of someone else, there are hidden selfish motives at work within me and I am only acting to benefit myself.” (James Fieser and Alexander Moseley, 2012)



  PHI 445 Week 1 DQ  2       


Pretend you are either Adam Smith or Karl Marx, and explain economic recession from these perspectives.


PHI 445 Week 1 Journal



·        PHI 445 Week 1 Quiz 10 Q’s and A’s