Need This done before 5pm

December 16, 2020

3: Academic Writing – Using the topic or assignment that you selected for your journal assignment, create a 5-10 page paper with a minimum of three academic research sources. In this paper you should present your argument clearly, follow the general organization of your outline, and use your sources to support your observations. Present your findings in an APA or MLA style 5 page paper (choose the format that will be most valid for your university field of study).  Upload your completed paper in MS Word or compatible format.


What to consider

This project challenges you to bring together all of the various components of the writing process that you have learned so far in this course. Your thesis statement needs to be clear and properly supported and you need to plan in advance how you will approach the defense of your opinion. Your audience for this paper is an academic one but this should not change your writing style. Your focus should be on communicating clearly and thoughtfully.