December 16, 2020

Each answers should be at least 250 words. No plagarism please and i need an A in this assignment.

1. Compare the different early native civilizations of North America and understand the native groups of Texas.

2. Analyze Texas civilizations before the arrival of Europeans.

3. Discuss the Spanish colonization in Texas.

4. Discuss the influence of the Catholic Church on New Spain – how was Spanish Texas different from the area of central Mexico?

5. Discuss why Americans would be so eager to leave the U.S., to take up residency in Mexico, and to become citizens of Mexico.

6. Discuss the major problems with the Anglo American empresarios in Texas. What was the Fredonian Rebellion?
7. Discuss Mexico’s attitude and actions regarding Texas independence.

8. Analyze the relationship of Texas and United States.

9. Evaluate the Civil War battles in Texas.

10. Create an argument through the use of historical evidence:  Analyze the impact of the Civil War on the people of Texas. Would you consider the war more of a unifying or a divisive experience?