For goodwriter only (politics 2)

December 15, 2020

Unit III PowerPoint Presentation State Legislative Using the state in which you live (or another state of your choice), create a PowerPoint presentation explaining the state election and campaign process, party politics, and legislative organization and procedure. Your presentation should consist of a minimum of 10 slides and a maximum of 14 slides, not including the title and reference slides. In your presentation, please include the following:

 title slide including your name and the state you selected,

 political party structure/make-up,

 types of primaries,  state party organizations,

 state government structure,

 campaign methods of a state candidate/incumbent,

 make-up of your state legislature (i.e., gender, age, profession),

 apportioning and districting information,

 legislative institutionalization of your state,

 party issues in your state, and  three-four pictures, maps, or graphs.

Please note: Your slides should include explanations of the above points. Please do not copy and paste lists of senators and representatives into your slides. You may include additional information you feel is relevant, but do not create more than 14 slides. Use your creativity, and organize the material in a logical and understandable manner.  All sources used must be cited and referenced accordingly. Please include a reference slide at the end of your presentation (not counted in your 10-14 content slides).