December 16, 2020

Students will complete three 3-page personal experience essays.  Students will mine their past experiences to discover topics for these essays.  A list of essay categories will be provided for student choice.  Students will select any three of the categories for their papers.  The first two papers can be written in the first or third person.  The third essay must be written in the third person.  Further directions on these assignments will be given in the units.


The topics for these personal experience essays can be drawn from the following topics:

      1)  A Memorable Experience from Childhood

      2)  The Painting Stuck Inside My Heart

      3)  I Could Have Danced All Night

      4)  Food and Memories

      5)  An Historical Character Who I Would Like to Meet

      6)  A Lesson I Will Never Forget

      7)  An Interesting Ancestor

      8)  When Ugly Got Uglier

      9)  Regrets

     10)  The Top of My Bucket List

     11) When Things Did Not Add Up

     12)  Happy

     13)  Confused

     14)  Left Without Words

     15)  Hearts, Spades, and Pinochle

     16)  If I Could Only Be ___ Years Old

     17)  Holiday Memories

     18)  The Day the World Turned Upside Down

     19)  I Wish It Had Never Ended

     20)  Me!  It’s All About Me!


* Has to be written in third person