** Dr. Kimsa Only** – Final PM Assignment

December 18, 2020


Write a paper of no more than 1,400 words, addressing the following items: 


  • How changes to the project scope, timeline, and budget are managed and reported.
  • How project cost and schedule performance is measured and reported.
  • How project quality is managed and reported.
  • Reasons why your project could be closed.
  • Closure processes you use for normal completion, such as having objectives met.
  • Ethical considerations you may have to make through the project lifecycle and ways to respond.

Explain the processes that must be in place to effectively manage each aspect of the project and your rationale for selecting techniques you plan to use.

Include scholarly references in addition to textbooks used in the Project Management concentration.


Include components produced in earlier weeks and shown above. 


Assemble your final project plan to MUST include deliverables from Weeks One, Two, Three, (all attached) into a final, coherent document. Be sure to revise the plan deliverables to reflect your facilitator’s feedback from the assignments.


Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.