Critical Analysis Paper

December 14, 2020


write a 750-800- word critical analysis of the chosen topic


The article and the two documentries is about doping in sports and focuses on the cases of Lance Armstrong and Marion Jones–two atheltes who were found guilty of using performance enhancing drugs, but suffered two very different consequences.  



The article is attached, However the two documentries are your responsibilty to find *MAKE SURE TO WATCH THEM*, They are availabe on Netflix if you have an account.

The Documentries are:

“30 for 30: Marion Jones: Press Pause”


“Stop at Nothing: the Lance Armstrong Story”


Try to answer these questions in the paper as well as adding more outside thoughts to it beside the questions:

Why were their consequences so drastically different?  Did race or gender play a role in their cases?  Can we reasonably compare these two cases, or are they too different to draw parallels?  Compare and contrast.


What are the authors/directors arguing?  What larger issues do the materials raise?  Analyze them in relation to each other, as well as the readings throughout the course of this semester.   How do they relate to the readings we’ve read?  How do they relate to the broader society?  How do you interpret the arguments presented?  Be sure to include explicit references to other readings (Author, pg. #) and a works cited page.  



NOTE: The other reading referred to in the passage before will be attached please incorprate some ideas from these into the paper.

NOTE: The first attached paper is the one to be used directly in the paper. However, from second to last is ones to be incorprated as an evidences not all of them should be used.