crime DB 1

December 14, 2020


                             5-6 paragraphs


Your son has been having behavioral problems lately. He has not been completing his homework, he has been late to school, and he is having disciplinary problems at school and at home. He closes his door and withdraws from the family. You have been thinking that this is just the normal teenage angst that he is going through. One morning, while he is at school, you go into his room and see pieces of aluminum foil with burn marks on it. You also find several lighters inside his dresser drawer. 

You now suspect that he is using drugs.

Assignment Guidelines

  • Address the following in 5–6 paragraphs:
    • What type of drug do you think he is using? Explain why.
      • Where would he be able to obtain this drug? Explain.
      • Why do you think he began using this drug? Explain.
    • How would you react when he comes home from school? Why?
      • What positive impacts or repercussions might your reactions have on his future drug use?
    • What would you do to help alleviate this problem? Explain.
      • What would you do to alleviate the community problem of youth drug use and abuse? Explain.