Comparative Justice Systems 4

December 15, 2020

Islamic Law and The United States this the counrty that you will be talking about,



This week we studied Islamic Law, which as you know falls under the Religious/Philosophical Legal Tradition. Islam is also referred to as one of three Abrahamic faiths, the other two being Judaism and Christianity.

All three of these religions share the common belief in one God, some scholars say the same God, which is the God of Abraham. Abraham is written about and recognized as one in the same person as in the Torah, Quran and the Christian Bible and therefore is believed by all three that Abraham is the father or foundation for each one’s religion.

As we know two of the religions were later influenced, the Christians, by Jesus and approximately six hundred years after Jesus, the Muslims, Mohammed. The story of Abraham and his sons are similar in all three books and the story is considered important by many historians and religious scholars of today. Some scholars believe that because of the actions portrayed in that story we are seeing war and unrest in the Gaza Strip.

I am not interested in the lie that Britain told both the Jewish and Arab peoples to get them to fight against the Turks and Nazis. That lie was to promise both peoples the same land that they are fighting over today. This lie facilitated by the British helped European Jews to relocate to that land after World War II.

  1. In the Book of Genesis, the story of Abraham’s sons’, in the Christian Bible, there is a clue to finding this common denominator that is the basis to one of the main problems today in the Middle East pertaining to Israel and Palestine. What is that one factor that this story alludes to that may be the one main reason for the struggle over territory today?
  2. Do you feel that a non-Muslim individual would receive a fair trial in an Islamic country?
  3. Why or why not? 

List separately and answer the definitions and questions (3) listed individually by number to get full credit. Do not write your answers in paragraph form but numbered separately.