Who are our Writers and Tutors


Who are our Writers and Tutors?

When it comes to offering unmatched expert help to the student, there is a need for brilliant experts. We know that every student desires to make the most out of their college and university studies and to achieve this goal we must find the top experts in a range of subjects and grades. Our academic writers will create a custom piece of work designed just for you on any course ranging from short discussion boards to technical web programming and database optimization tasks.  



How do we Hire and Retain the Top Experts?

We select and hire our writers through a complex 4-step process so that only the top experts get a chance to help you. In doing so, we continue to delivery phenomenal work on any task.

Step 1

Resume Screening

We screen all resumes that land our recruiter desk for real-life achievements related to writing or the services we offer such as solving problems and programming. Even though a candidate may have an outstanding resume or graduated with an honors degree, it takes real-life experience to deliver phenomena work and we choose resumes that stand out.

Step 2:

Grammar and Writing Tests

We use grammar and writing tests to analyze candidates who pass the resume screening step. These tests help to reveal whether the candidate has the skills and proper mastery of the King’s English. Besides, the writing test helps to evaluate the candidate’s quality of English and knowledge of avoiding plagiarism despite the intricate needs any project may require. If they pass this step, we invite them to an online interview.

Step 3:

Online Interview

Once the candidate passes the first two steps, we interview each one of them to evaluate whether they are as good as their resumes. We know the right questions and thus no candidate’s merits and shortcomings will go unnoticed. We pick candidates who are passionate about writing, confident in any formatting style, friendly to our customers, and can work on orders in under 3 hours.

Step 4

Continuous Review

After bringing the candidate into our Galaxy, we continually screen their performance. The review process helps us to ensure that every project, delivered to you meets and exceeds your needs and demands. Some of the key must-check factors are on-time delivery, 100% plagiarism-free content, and premium quality solution.

Things You Should Know About Our Experts

1) They are from top universities from all over the globe and BA, MA, or PhD degrees

2) You can hire the same writer again and again.

3) Our writers can write in simple English for foreign customers.

4) You can review/ rate your writer after delivery

5) You can communicate with the expert directly either through private message or a built-in chat system.

6) Our experts know all academic formatting requirements and handle other tasks such as design and web development.

7) Most of our writers come from the UK, USA, and Canada.

8) You can tip your writer if they offered you phenomenal work.


Do projects feel like dead weight?

Our experts can handle any task ranging from writing papers to Programming and Tech.

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