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Your privacy is crucial to us and our service is 100% confidential.

On this privacy policy page, you learn what to expect when we collect and process your personal data and the types of data we collect, and how we keep it secure.

The Type of Data we Collect and the purpose

 Types of data we collect

 Why do we collect the data

 User’s Country 

 - For User verification

 - For the prevention of fraudulent use and resale of Users’ accounts.

 User’s email

 - To easily communicate with the User

 - To provide you with marketing and promotional materials

 User’s Name and Surname

 - For User verification

 - For invoices and billing

 - For the prevention of fraudulent use and resale of User accounts

 City/state/ZIP code/address

 - For Billing purposes


What we do with your data

We will never sell your personal data for any reason, though sometimes it will be necessary to transfer your data to a third party to be processed such as payment gateways. We will only ever call you about an existing service you have asked us to provide or to talk about something important related to your account.

Other Purposes

Sometimes, we offer coupons to individual customers for use with future orders. To ensure only the intended recipient of the coupon can use it, we store their email address alongside the coupon details. These addresses are not used for anything other than the administration of coupons.

How we keep your data safe

a)Security measures

We use a variety of technical and organizational measures to make sure your personal data is stored and transmitted securely. For example, we make diligent use of encryption whenever personal data is being transmitted to a third party and we make regular backups in case the original copy of your data is lost. All of our core database functionality, including most of your personal data, is processed using Digital Ocean a certified Information Security framework. Our data is also processed over a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

If you communicate with us by email over the Internet, you should be aware that the nature of the Internet is such that unencrypted communication may not be secure and may pass through several different countries en route to us. Please do not email us with confidential or sensitive information such as your credit card details. We cannot accept responsibility for unauthorized access to your information that is outside our control.

b)Data retention policy

We only hold on to your data for as long as we need it to fulfill one of the purposes it was originally collected, such as to provide a service, gather feedback or comply with a legal obligation. This means that retention policies for your data can differ considerably depending on the context and the way it is used. When deciding on a retention policy for any type of data, we use the following criteria:

•How long is the data needed? - For example, if you have not logged in to your account for several years, we will remove you from our mailing lists.

•What did we say we would do with the data when we collected it? - If the purposes for which we originally collected the data are no longer relevant, there is no need to keep it.

•Do we have a legal obligation to keep the data? - For example, financial information needs to be kept for a minimum amount of time for tax reasons.

•Does holding the data carry an inherent risk? - In the unlikely event of a data breach, we want to ensure that nothing sensitive is stolen. We will therefore have reduced retention periods for data we consider to be sensitive.

However, in general, we securely archive most of your account data after 3 years of inactivity and then permanently delete all of your personal data after 4 years of inactivity. You can also delete your account if you no longer need our service.


If you are 13 or under, you must have permission from a parent or guardian before you give us your personal information. If we find that we have received information from you without the appropriate consent, we reserve the right to cancel all transactions and services and remove all personal data that you have supplied. You will be able to re-submit the information when you have the required permission.

Customers using the website who are minor/under the age of 18 shall not register as a User of the website and shall not transact on or use the website.

Payment Data

All credit/debit cards' details and personally identifiable information will NOT be stored, sold, shared, rented, or leased to any third parties. will not pass any debit/credit card details to third parties.

The Website Policies and Terms & Conditions may be changed or updated occasionally to meet the requirements and standards. Therefore, the Customers are encouraged to frequently visit these sections to be updated about the changes on the website. Modifications will be effective on the day they are posted.