Money Back Guarantee



Every client's satisfaction is our responsibility, and we appreciate them. We value your trust, and therefore, we have a Money Back Policy to ensure you are satisfied with what you are paying for and that high-quality services are offered to you. We offer both full and partial refunds based on the conditions.


  • You made a double-payment

If you unintentionally pay twice for a single order, the total amount of the second transaction will be returned instantly. After every PayPal transaction, we encourage you to counter-check it to ensure no problems and confusion arise. Report to the support team immediately for assistance and guidance if any issues emerge.

  • You placed two identical orders

By any chance, if you place two identical orders, be sure to contact the support team immediately to notify us. Kindly note that if we are not alerted by you instantly, the work shall be done separately by different writers. Both orders will be handled independently, where payments shall be on you. Make sure to cancel any duplicate orders as soon as possible to prevent any inconveniences.

  • You want to cancel your order

If you want to cancel an order, contact the support team by any channel provided and inform them immediately where your payments will be fully refunded. Communicate as soon as possible before any writer starts working on your order to prevent inconveniences to both parties. If any writer begins working on your order, a total amount will not be fully refunded, where you will get part of the amount. If your order is completed before you request to call it off, it will be impossible to cancel it.

  • Your order is late

Our team is composed of well-established writers who offer high-quality services to our clients and help deliver orders on time. By any chance, your order is returned past the deadline, and you no longer need it; 100% of your money is refunded to you. If the amounts were not paid in full, this policy does not apply here. If you still need the order past the deadline, we can extend the deadline and recalculate the price, and work using the new one. If any amount is required for a refund, you are entitled to it.

Kindly note that if your money has been refunded, you are not entitled to collect your order hence belonging to the company.

  • If no writer has been found

Even though we have several writers to help deliver quality work, some issues may arise, preventing us from handling your orders and completing them at the expected time. Such cases may include: large orders needed on short notice and some technical problems. These issues do not prevent us from getting a suitable writer to work on your order where we will do everything to satisfy your needs. If any issue arises and we cannot find an appropriate writer for your order, you are eligible for a full refund.

  • The revision of your paper is late

We always try to complete your order way before the set deadline. It is wise always to check your email notifications to check the preview. When a request is set for a paper revision, and the deadline is not met, you are entitled to a full refund of the money.

  • You are not happy with the quality of the final paper

If the order does not go in hand with the set instructions, there is always a chance to request a complimentary revision, or it can be reassigned to another writer. The amount will be transacted after you have checked the quality of the work; hence no claims will be accepted after you approve the order. The total amount will be refunded if you need no revision or reassigning.

You will kindly provide feedback on why you declined the final paper as it will be discussed with the assigned writer, and your refund will be processed regardless of the issue. After receiving your refund, you are not entitled to the order as it will remain with the company as its property.

Note: Full Refund requests for any other reasons besides those mentioned above will be declined.



  • Cancellation of an order

If clients plan to cancel an order, they should communicate on time to ensure the work is not assigned to a writer. If the client speaks up later after the order is posted and the writer starts working on it, then a partial amount of money will be refunded.

  • Late orders

If an order is assigned to a writer and the deadline is not met, new deadlines may be set, and if the client has made the transaction, the positive balance will be refunded. The partial refund is made after a conversation has been set between the client and the company where the client will still have benefitted from the order made.

  • Unsatisfactory quality

We often value our clients' feedback on orders where we give our best, but if by chance a writer submits work and the client is not happy with the order, a revision is offered, but the partial amount is refunded when the client does not ask for a revision of the paper.

Full or Partial Refund Processing

After receiving a refund confirmation, we will process it within five days. Kindly note that all refunds will be transacted via the original mode of payment to avoid inconveniences. The company will not be held responsible for any bank services issues that may arise during the refund transaction.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us for any non-described situation