Confidentiality Policy takes confidentiality seriously as it is also considered a critical factor in offering high-quality service. It has come to our attention that in communication between our clients and experts in our in-built chat system, some delicate information concerning confidentiality is being overlooked. Hence, we have decided to come up with these four principles of confidentiality that our esteemed clients will follow. These principles are:

Do not share your personal information with your expert

Strictly do not share your personal information such as your name, email addresses, the school you attend, phone numbers, or even home addresses. In as much as you may want to create a friendly environment with your writers, your personal information should be kept confidential for your own safety. If you need to share some reading materials, do not ask for the expert’s email, but instead, upload them on the order form page or use free file-sharing websites such as

Do not share your school login details with the expert. This includes canvas and library login details.

Granting anyone your logins is highly prohibited, so we highly recommend that it shouldn’t be shared with any third party. If the writing task requires you to use library sources, download them and later share them on the order page.

Do not deal with the expert directly via any payment method such as Cash App, Venmo, Paypal, SolidGate, G2A, ApplePay, or any other payment method.

We recommend our clients pay their orders directly via our website to prevent them from being scammed. Many clients have fallen victims to this case in the past, where other modes of payment have been used to pay an expert directly. Dealing with the company is safer to prevent inconveniences between the two parties. We do not collect your credit card information and have a transparent money-back guarantee.