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At, we offer everyone who possesses strong writing skills a chance to showcase them. Today, there are hundreds of thousands of writing opportunities exist. Making the most of them is where the art of the person who works at little jobs in a self-employed way really comes into play. A related to small jobs that self-employed people do writer is someone who writes without belonging to any single company or thing/business but acts like a small business or an independent contractor.

It's possible to be a full-time related to small jobs that self-employed people do, writer, earning a living, or to be a part-time person who works at little jobs in a self-employed way and add to a regular income. Another role is to do it for fun or build up a wider mix of stocks, bonds, etc./document collection of skills. In this article, you'll get the basics on what it takes to ease your way into related small jobs that self-employed people do writing as a career or hobby.


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a)Submit Email.

b)Fill in Profile.

c)Pass the Grammar Test.

d)Write Sample Essay.

e)Share your Resume and Degree certificate with us.

f)Once you pass the essay test, we will interview you to see whether your skills are as good as the sample and resumes say. After the final approval, we will continually screen your performance. The review process helps us to ensure that every project delivered to you meets and exceeds your needs and demands.


Be a good writer.

·Be comfortable Communicating.

·Possess Strong Writing skills

·Realize that turning a creative passion into a job can dampen your keen interest.

·Balance the joys of working alone with soaking up the feelings from being around other people.

·Be prepared for a lot of self-control and sound money management.


What does it mean to be a writer at


1.Bid for hundreds of orders added every minute

2.Set your own price per page when bidding for orders

3.Chat with customers directly in chat and rate each other after every order.

4.Work when it is suitable for You. Evenings, weekends, and 24/7. You decide