CIS c++ questions

December 14, 2020

Q1: Discuss the development of an ADT during the design of a solution?


Q2: Compare following implantations:

·         Fixed size versus dynamic size

·         A pointer-based implementation vs. one that uses a pointer-based implementation of the ADT list


Q3: “A strong relationship exists between recursion and stacks”. Do you agree with this statement – why/why not?


Q4: Discuss ADT queue operations? (at least 75 words)


Q5: Discuss pointer-based implementation of a queue? (at least 75 words)


Q6: Discuss simulations and its types? (at least 75 words)


Q7: Discuss inheritance, its benefits and types?


Q8: Discuss any one of the following relationship with an example: Is-a, As-a and Has-a


Q9: What is an iterator; discuss five common iterator operations?


Q10: Discuss analysis of algorithms; also discuss three difficulties with comparing programs instead of algorithms?


Q11: Discuss comparison of algorithms. Algorithm analysis should be independent of what three items?


Q12: Discuss Order-of-Magnitude Analysis and Big O Notation? (at least 75 words).


Q13: What is sorting? What are the categories of sorting algorithms?


Q14: What are selection, insertion and bubble sorts?


Q15: “Quicksort and mergesort are two very fast recursive sorting algorithms”. Do you agree with this statement? – Why/Why not?


Q16: Binary trees provide a hierarchical organization of data. Discuss this statement in at least 75 words.


Q17: “If the binary tree is complete, an efficient array-based implementation is possible.” Do you agree with this statement – why/why not?


Q18: Discuss the efficiency of binary search tree operations? (at least 75 words).


Q19: Define following: adjacent vertices; simple path; cycle; simple cycle; connected graph; disconnected graph.


Q20: Define following: complete graph; multigraph; weighted graph; undirected graph; directed graph.


Q21: Discuss spanning tree (at least 75 words).


Q22: Discuss two phases of external mergsoft (at least 75 words).


Q23: Discuss external implementation of the ADT table (at least 75 words).



Q24: List three advantages of an index file?