church visit 3

December 18, 2020


Investigate evidences of Kerygma, Koinonia & Leitourgia (purpose of the church)

Investigate ways the Vineyard meets the Mission of the church

Walk through the Family Life Center next door (before or after service). Feel the pulse of the spaces.

· Seek to find the delicate balance between being a participant and observer.

· Take photos; it is permissible at the Vineyard. Include these in your reflection as you describe the evidences you observed.

· Staple the COMPLETED sermon handout to the reflection.

· Type directly into the format guide (next page). No need to turn in this first page.

· Upload the TYPED assignment

Name: Date/Time attended

Dayton Vineyard Church Reflection Format:

1. Describe your experience.

2. Based on what you witnessed and experienced, in what ways does the Dayton Vineyard meet the Mission of the Church?

3. Detail the evidences of the three purposes of the church at the Vineyard. Consider the entire experience, not just the music.




fill this chart and questions basic on the pictures and web