NR 324 Midterm Exam Study – ATI Test 4 Practice Assessment

A nurse is planning care for a client who has a suspected myocardial infarction. Which of the following should the nurse administer first?
While reading a client’s ECG tracing, the nurse should understand that the P wave reflects which of the following cardiac electrical activities?
A client comes to the emergency department via ambulance to report severe radiating chest pain and SOB. The client appears restless, frightened, and slightly cyanotic. The provider prescribes oxygen by nasal cannula at 4 L/min stat, cardiac enzyme levels, IV fluids, and a 12-lead ECG. Which of the following actions should the nurse assisting with this client client’s care first?
A nurse is preparing a client for an echocardiogram the following day. Which of the following instruction should the nurse include about this test?
A nurse is reviewing the laboratory values on a client who has HTN. Blood tests are drawn and reveal the following results. Which of the following results should the nurse identify as critical?