December 16, 2020

Assignment : Research Design:

This section will vary in length and demonstrate your ability to utilize quantitative and/or qualitative data and scientific inquiry in development of your final paper. You may choose your methodology according to the data collection that best reflects your specific area of study. Qualitative data may include interviews or your own personal/professional experiences. Quantitative data may include surveys or questionnaires. You may design the questions for interviews or surveys yourself, or you may research existing interviews or surveys and cite your sources. Please include specific demographics of interviewees or survey respondents, i.e. gender, age, race, occupation, etc. You should be able to critically analyze your data and make sense of significant findings. Please include a discussion section sharing your own perspectives and critical analysis of your data. 

You can base your answer to this assignment around theses questions pertaining to the overall topic of Effects of Globalisation:


  • Are there more negatives to globalization than there are positives? 
  • What are the negative changes that have come with globalization? 
  • Are the socio economic impacts of globalization going to cause disruption in the long term? 
  • Can the positive impact of globalization offset its negative impact? 
  • Has it resulted in economic benefits only or created disparities too? 
  • Has globalization left a positive impact on healthcare around the world?
  • Has its impact been positive on cultures around the world?
  • How has it impacted education around the world?
  • Are the effects of globalization on cultures and economies long lasting or temporary?
  • Are the negative effects of globalization irreversible?