December 16, 2020

Please read the following short essay, Made in the World, by New York Times columnist Milton Freidman and respond with a few short sentences to each prompt. (While this article was written 4 years ago, it still is quite relevant today, especially once you read past the first 2 paragraphs.)


Here is the link:


  1. According to Freidman, what are the different ways leaders, specifically politicians and CEO’s, see the world?
  2. What assertions does the article make about globalization and this “new world”?
  3. According to Freidman what are our advantages and what needs to happen to ensure we get our act together to successfully compete and thrive in this new world?
  4. What does Freidman suggest elected leaders need to do?
  5. In your opinion what do you think should be the role of corporate leadership?
  6. What do you think – should we completely dismiss the idea of made in America?