Assig 7 Comm

December 14, 2020

For this Assignment, you will create your own list of co-cultures with which you identify and then write an expository essay explaining how these cultural groups influence your communication with those who may be outside of your co-cultures.

To begin your Assignment, think about the co-cultures with which you identify. Review pages 79–84 of the text in which the authors explains the significance of co-cultural identity.

As you think about your co-cultures, think about the following questions: 

  • To how many cultural groups do you relate? 
  • Does one take prominence in terms of personal importance? 
  • Would you be comfortable limiting yourself to only one co-culture? 
  • Why or why not?

How we describe ourselves and the groups that we identify with is a significant aspect of understanding intercultural communication since we do not belong to just one cultural group. It is also important to note that culture is not just a racial or ethnic designation.

Once you have identified your co-cultures, you can begin writing your expository essay explaining how these cultural groups influence your communication with those who may be outside of your co-cultures. Your essay must include the following:

  1. List the co-cultures you identify with and would use to describe yourself.
  2. Explain which co-culture is the dominant one; the one you would use to describe yourself the most.
  3. Explain why you would or would not be comfortable limiting yourself to one co-culture as a description.
  4. Give an example of how you would communicate with someone from a different set of co-cultures to work on a problem that is important to you both.

Assignment Guidelines

Each essay should include:

  • A title page
  • The body of the essay (900–1200 words; the word count does not include the title or reference page)
  • A reference page
  • Use standard margins: 1″ on all sides
  • Use standard 12-point font size, Times New Roman or Arial 
  • Use standard double-spacing
  • Use left-aligned text, do not right-justify

Your essay should follow the conventions of APA style, including a minimum of two parenthetical citations (one of which can be your textbook, and the remaining from other sources). You must demonstrate college-level communication through the composition of original materials in Standard American English. For additional writing help, please visit the Kaplan University Writing Center. The link to the KU Writing Center can be found on each Unit Home page under Academic Tools.

Submit Your Assignment

Compose your assignment in a Word document, edit carefully and use Standard American English. Save it in a location and with a name that you will remember. When you are ready to submit it, go to the Dropbox and complete the steps below:

  • Click the link that says “Submit an Assignment”
  • In the “Submit to Basket” menu, select Unit 7: Assignment
  • In the “Comments” field, make sure to add at least the title of your essay
  • Click the “Add Attachments” button
  • Follow the steps listed to attach your Word document
  • To view your graded work, come back to the Dropbox or go to the Gradebook after your instructor has evaluated it

Make sure that you save a copy of your A