December 16, 2020

Please do not accept this assignment until you have read instructions The client in this project should be a group who advocates for people that use marijuana for medical reasons. Please remember the problem statement should be in the form of a question? Look at all of the attachments carefully. Out of six writer’s this week, I only had one that really followed the attached guidelines. I know everyone wants to get paid, but please take heart when writing this assignment. I need quality service! You can use the link below for an idea of one of the groups or come up with another client. Look forward to a quality product! I will need to see the client and statement before you begin the actual assignment. For some reason, my writers are having trouble with following the directions (all except one which was (Teacher Hyranks). Teacher Hyranks has been the only one so far that has done an outstanding job!!! Also, I’m open for suggestions if you think another topic is more interesting.