5 page paper for ADJ 133

December 15, 2020

This is the excatly rubic that my teacher gave me. Also I will to pay 40-50 dollars for it. I sorry I can go any higher than that right now because I had to pay for all my class this semeaster. So I hope this price is enough for you right now. Thanks bro Get back to me with your decision ASAP




Your Name:




– Five or more pages

-Double spaced

– AP Style 

– Reference



Outline of Paper:

– Research The Topic ( The profession or Job)

– Point out the Ethical responsibilites

– Point out the various types of un-ethical behaviors

– Pin point at least five ethical terms that would explain the reasons for the unethical behavior or action


Field Work:

– Observe an establishment

– interview a person who in the profession

– Compare your analysis ( from the terms used) to what was told or observed



– Discuss what was learned from this project?

– Discuss what was good or bad about this assignment

– How could this information be useful to you in the future?