This is an analytical report that clearly explains the NDP and NEP policy in Malaysia.
1. It has to state the fairness and unfairness of the policy with regards to
a) the non-bumis
b) how citizens are classified as bumis or not
c) the rights of the bumis

2. It also has to identify 3-5 problems with the NEP,
and has it been addressed by the new NDP.

3. Since its implementation in 1971, how successful has the bumiputra law been? (talk about specific events in Malaysia that rose from affirmative action)

4. Finally, focus on the last 5 years, since the last election. Has the NDP rule been good for the country?

5. (optional) Apply to Singapore. Should Singapore have adopted the bumiputra law for the malays? Why didnt Singapore follow Malaysia in this?



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