QRB/501 QRB 501 Week 5 – Individual Assignment – MyMathLab Problem Set – Enter in your problems and get 100% accurate answers!


QRB/501 Week 5 Problem Set


The solutions are in the Excel file. There are 9 tabs on the bottom of the excel file labeled Q1 to Q9. There are two Excel file, a 2013 version and 1997 version. Whichever one opens, use that one.


You will have to input your questions, and the Excel file will give you the answer. Note, the questions may not be in the order of your problem set, so look below for the key to which question is which.




Prepare a balance sheet for the nursery for Decemer 31, 2012. The company assets include cash, ________, accounts recievable, ________, and merchandise inventory, ________. The liabilities include account payable, ________, wages payable, ________. The owner’s capital is ________.


Complete the vertical analysis on the balance sheet for the nursery for 2012.

Click the icon to view the nursery balance sheet.

Fill the blanks rounding the answers to the nearest tenth.


To find the percent of total debt compared to total assets, divide the total liabilities by the total assets and write in percent form. Find the total debt to total assets for the bakery for 2012.

Click the icon to view the bakery balance sheet.


Complete the income statement for Sith Ros’s Oriental Groceries for the years 2011 and 2012.

Click the icon to view the Sitha Ros’s Oriental Groceries Income Statement.


Extend the income statement for Miss Muffins’ Bakery to include a vertical analysis for 2012 and 2011.

Click the icon to view the income statement.


What is the current ratio for Denmark, Inc., which has current assets of ________ and current liabilities of ________?


Company A reported net sales of ________ and have average total assets of ________. Find its asset turnover ratio.


Find the acid-test ratio for a business if the balance sheet shows the following amounts: cash, ________; receivables, ________; marketable securities, ________; current liabilities, ________.



Find the operating ratio for Sol’s Dry Goods if the income statement for the month shows net sales, ________; cost of goods sold, ________; gross profit, ________; operating expenses, ________; net income, ________. Express results to the nearest tenth of a percent.

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