Final Reflection – Assignment
Due: Jun 07, 2016, 11:59 PM

Final Reflection

Due Tuesday June 7, 2016

(10 Points)

Refer to your reflections in the above assignment clarifications (“Working Toward the Final”) and use your answers to the questions asked in your paper. In addition, you are to reflect on your journey through this class. Note, this is not a course evaluation, it is your personal experience expressed through a reflective paper. This is about you and your experiences.

Your final paper will be a minimum 5-page reflective paper (you may write more) on your experience in this class. You will cite at least 5 references from the readings, lectures, videos and/or Discussion Board responses to support your positions and perspectives. Include the following parameters:

1. How has this class experience enhanced your ability to communicate visually? How are you more visually literate?

2. What has changed in terms of your perspective of how you see art, and the role of art in your life?

3. Did you encounter a “break-through moment” where you “saw” a perspective that previously was not in your experience? Describe the “experience of looking”.

4. How has this class informed your identity as a student/artist/world citizen?

5. What other perspectives were prominent in your reflection?

In your essay, refer to the text/course readings/ Discussions /or personal experience with at least 5 citations to support your positions and perspectives.

How to Proceed:

Post your Final Reflection under “Final Reflection” in Discussions.

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