This assignment needs to be an 3-4 page essay including title page and references. The assignment needs to be of graduate level quality and in APA formatting.

1.       The text listed several monitoring systems, other systems that defeat them, and e-mail encryption program. Find two more of the following: (Note: do not just provide a bulleted list – analyze the programs in relation to what they do, what their benefits are, and any other pertinent information you feel is important)

·         programs that monitor keyboard activity

·         programs that find keyboard monitoring programs

·         e-mail encryption programs.



2.       When selling antiques, you can usually obtain a higher price for those that have a provenance, which is information detailing the origin and history of the object. For example, the property owned by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Princess Diana sold for much more than face value. Do some research and find some other products (two or three) that have value over and above a comparable product because of such information?  What kind of information makes products valuable? Consider both tangible (resale value) and intangible value (sentimental appeal).

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