Some bacteria are able to harvest light of 1000 nm wavelength. A) What is the energy (in kilojoules) of a mole of 1000 nm photons? B) What is the maximum increase in redox potential that can be induced by a 1000 nm photon? C) What is the minimum number of 1000 nm photons needed to form one molecule of ATP from ADP and Pi (assume standard state G value for ATP synthesis)? 2) The chorlophyll of photosystem I (PSI) absorbs a photon of 700 nm wavelength. In its ground state, this P700 chlorophyll has a standard state reduction potential ( ‘) of +0.4 V. Absorbance of a photon alters this ‘ to -0.6V. What is the efficiency of energy capture in this light reaction of the P700 chlorophyll?

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