Frank Hopkins Federal Govt Pt 2

December 14, 2020 3 min read




Is unconventional participation a natural right of citizens in a democracy? Does it have equal legitimacy with conventional activity, or should unconventional political behavior be limited so special circumstances? If you agree with the latter point of view, explain what circumstances justify this sort of action. Is violent political action ever justified in a democracy?



Do interest groups play a legitimate role within the American political system? If so, what role is that? If not, should we do without them? 



Are campaigns and elections worth the bother? Is this a rational or efficient method of choosing leaders? Suggest some reforms that would improve our current campaign/electoral process.



Some argue that the social welfare programs are critical to alleviating conditions that affect the poor. However, these programs are often criticized as being government giveaways to the lazy. Is either side-or are both sides-correct? Why or why not? 

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