A laptop computer originally priced $1600 now sell for $2000what is the percent of increase?   

A number increased from 120 to 156 find the percent of increase

One manufacturer needs to calculate the net price of an order with a list price of $700 and a trade  discount series of 11/9/5use the net decimal equivalent to find the net price

Cost =$42 selling price= $60 find the rate of markup based on the selling price

A man got an invoice for $450 with terms  4/10 1/15 n/29 how much would he pay 22 days after the invoice date?

Solve for the unknown in the equation

A man received an invoice for  a leaf blower for $464 dated april 16 with sales terms of  3/10 EOM  how much should he pay if pays the bill on April 30

A wallet market up $8 which is a 50% mark up based on cost . what is the cost of the wallet ?

 A dvd costs $5 and sell for $10 find the amount of mark up

A1 gave correct answer to 30 of the 50 questions on the devising set what percent of the questions did he get correct ?

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