2 DQ’s need to be answered today by 3pm EST. On time work no Plagarism 300 word count for each question

December 15, 2020

DQ’s need to be answers with Zero plagiarism and 300 word count for each. Due TODAY by 3pm est. Please put all answers to question below the questions. Thanks


DQ1 – Partnerships in business present challenges and rewards. Assume that you are going to form a partnership for the purpose of going into business. What factors should you take into consideration in forming your partnership so that each partner’s interests are protected? Generate a list of areas on which partners must to agree to minimize the risk of future conflict or even lawsuits.


DQ2 – Brainstorm at least one product or service that would fill a need in the marketplace. For each product or service idea, identify the target market. Identify any barriers to entry that the product or service might encounter and other products or services might compete with your service or product.