JUS 630 Week 5 Topic 5 Discussion 2

Why might a government leader, politician, or special interest group invoke sovereignty?


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To forestall needed debate

Invoking of sovereignty is usually done so that a certain objective is achieved by certain group of people (Hix, S., & Høyland, B. (2011). Invoking of sovereignty by many people is done in bad faith because many are after hiding the truth so that it remains unknown which is so bad. The invoking of sovereignty is done so as to ensure that the debate does not progress as intended.

The usually view the debate as a threat and harmful and therefore they ensure that they invoke the sovereignty so that they achieve their set goals. What motives it is nothing but self-interests of the few individuals and not for the citizens. Such people do not prefer justice at all but only prefers their wishes to be successful.

The aim has to succeed by all means because that is their priorities. They are the fists priority then others follow after their fulfillment. Invoking sovereignty is bad and not in good faith and should, therefore, be discouraged with all cost.


Hix, S., & Høyland, B. (2011). The political system of the European Union. Palgrave Macmillan.

In order to invoke the Necessary and Proper Clause, any implied power Congress claims for itself must be based on at least one of the expressed powers